No Sew Pet Beds

A white poodle terrier laying on a DIY fleece dog bed.

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Does your dog or cat need a new bed? Do you want a less expensive option? Or the ability to choose the look of it?

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Pin image of a small white dog laying on a DIY fleece dog bed above the words "5 DIY Pet Beds". Another DIY fleece dog bed is below that.

Instead of buying an expensive pet bed at the store, why not make your own?

I have three pet beds in my house currently, two store bought and one I made myself. Morgan will use any of them and doesn’t seem to have a preference. Luna, on the other hand, prefers to just lay on the floor.

Here are 6 pet beds that don’t require a sewing machine to make.

DIY Dog Bed – This one makes a round pet bed and has a gathered look. They use an elastic (think rubber band) to gather the fabric and that goes on the inside of the bed. I would think if you don’t want the gathered look you could skip that part.

No Sew Pet Bed – This one is a little easier than the first as it is rectangular and doesn’t have any gathering.

Easy DIY Pet Bed – This one is similar to the first two, but it uses a pillow instead of poly-fil.

No sew pet bed made like a tie blanket

Comfy, No Sew Pet Bed – This one is very similar to the above link but has the amount of fabric needed for different sized dogs.

No Sew Travel Dog Bed – This one makes a large, foldable bed. I also like that it uses pillows instead of poly-fil. It makes the process faster not having to stuff the bed with handfuls of poly-fil.

No Sew Animal Bed – This one uses a different type of padding all together. No pillows or poly-fil here. It also looks like it could make a large enough bed, easily, for a large dog, like Luna.

Tortoiseshell cat sleeping on a folded blanket

One, final, bonus DIY pet bed. This one is the easiest of them all. One of Allie’s and Morgan’s favorite places to lay down is on a folded-up blanket. I just buy a cheap, fleece blanket at the store and after washing it, fold it up and place it on the floor.

Allie and Morgan will choose the blanket as often, or more often, than any of the other beds we have.

Where does your dog or cat like to sleep?

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