Favorite Products

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Chewy is an online store for pet supplies. You can order anything for most anything for dogs, cats, fish, birds, small pets, reptiles, and horses.

BarkBox is a subscription service that sends you a box of dog toys and treats every month. It’s perfect for dogs that love to play but do not destroy their toys quickly.

SuperChewer is BarkBox’s answer to those dogs that love to destroy their toys. This box comes with tougher toys that should stand up to more chewing than the regular BarkBox.

Bark Bright is a subscription service for dental chews. What makes Bark Bright different from most dental chews is that it comes with “toothpaste” that you apply to the dental chew before giving it to your dog. This toothpaste is supposed to help clean your dog’s teeth better than the dental chew alone.

Favorite Toys

Kong Flyer

An isolated red Kong Flyer still in its background.

The Kong Flyer is a great option if you want to play fetch with a frisbee. Luna has gone more than a year with the same Kong flyer after having destroyed three other types of frisbees in less than a month (some of those only lasted a day or two). You can get one at Amazon or Chewy.

Kong Knots

The Kong Knots toys are a soft, no-fill toy that has rope throughout the body. The rope helps make it harder for your dog to pull the toy apart. These are not indestructible, but it is one of few toys that took Luna a few months to destroy. And even then it was because she would chew and suck on the ears. These come in a couple of varieties, I’ve seen a fox, a bunny, a hippo, and an elephant. You can get them on Amazon or Chewy. Each place may have only one or two of the varieties.

Classic Kong

The Classic Kong is a great interactive toy for when you need to keep your dog occupied. You just fill it with treats and food, seal it with peanut butter or plain Greek yogurt and freeze it. Once it’s frozen give it to your dog and they should be occupied for a while. You can buy it on Amazon or Chewy.

Tug Toys

Tug toys are a great toy to have for playing with your dog. Just don’t leave the rope toys laying around for your dog to chew on, they could get the individual strands out and swallow them. You can buy tug toys at Chewy or Amazon.

Favorite Treats

Natural Balance Mini Rewards are another great training treat. It’s a small treat that is still easy to break into even smaller pieces. It comes in at least three flavors, turkey, chicken, and salmon. You can get them on Amazon or Chewy.

Merrick Power Bites are a great treat to use for training your dog. These are already small but are soft enough to be broken into even smaller pieces to limit how much you give your dog during a training session. You can get them on Amazon or Chewy.

DentaStix are a simple way to help keep your dog’s teeth clean between brushings. You can buy them on Chewy or Amazon. They have three flavors available and can also be purchased in a multipack. Be sure to get the right one for your dog’s size.

Dog Training

Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution is a training method that uses positive reinforcement to train your dog. Along with the book he offers a free email course, 30 Day Perfect Pup, that walks you through training your dog the basic commands.