How To Make A No-Sew Fleece Dog Bed

Small white dog laying on a completed fleece tie blanket dog bed.

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Your dog deserves a comfortable place to rest, and you deserve an easy project!

This fleece dog bed is perfect for anyone who wants to give their pup a little extra comfort. It’s simple to make and doesn’t require any sewing skills. Plus, it’s inexpensive to make (I made mine for less than $10)!

Your furry friend will love snuggling up in this soft, cozy bed. And since it’s so easy to make, you can whip one up in no time!

Follow our simple instructions to make your own fleece dog bed today!

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Pin image for easy to make diy dog bed with a small white dog laying on a diy fleece dog bed.

Materials Needed For A DIY No-Sew Dog Bed

Fleece fabric – 1 yd of 58-inch fleece or a 50 x 60-inch fleece blanket (the Mainstays ones at Walmart are typically cheaper than regular fleece and would give you more wiggle room with your cutting).

Mainstays fleece throw

A queen pillow (new or used is fine as long as it still has some padding)

A scissors

Directions For Making A No-Sew Dog Bed

This dog bed can be made by following these four easy steps.

Cut The Fabric To Size

First, you’ll need to cut the fleece fabric to the appropriate size. For a queen pillow, you need to cut two pieces of fleece that are each 36 x 26 inches.

If you’re using a different size pillow, you’ll want to adjust your measurements accordingly. I like to add 6 inches to the length and width of the pillow (this allows about 3 inches all the way around the pillow.

If you are using a fleece blanket you need to either pull the string off the edge by cutting the string and pulling it in whichever direction pulls the easiest. Once it comes to the knot, cut that and continue to pull until all the string is off the blanket.

Pulling the blanket stitch out of the fleece throw

Then fold it, short sides together, and cut on the fold to get your two pieces of fleece.

If you have extra fleece after cutting to the size you need, you can save it until you have enough to make your dog a snuffle mat.

Fold the blanket in half, short sides together. Place your pillow inside to decide how much to cut off. I left about 6 inches but could have gone smaller. Mark where you want to cut.

Cut the fabric at the marks. I folded mine long sides together to make cutting easier, but if your cutting with a scissors it shouldn’t matter.

I also cut both ends off to eliminate the rounded corners. The extra fabric can be saved until you have enough to make a snuffle mat.

Cut The Ties

Once the fleece is cut to the correct size, place the two pieces of fabric together with the wrong sides facing each other.

Cut a 4-inch square out of each corner making sure to get both layers of fleece.

Fleece with the corner cut out.

Then cut 1 inch wide and 4 inch long strips all the way around the edge of the fabric. Laying something from one side to the other will help prevent you from cutting too far.

Fleece with 1 inch strips cut into it.

Tie The Fleece Together

Now it’s time to start tying the fleece together!

Take one set of 1-inch strips (top and bottom) and tie a square knot.

Fleece with a knot tied on the edge.

Continue until you have both short sides and one long side tied together. Do not tie the fourth side until the next step is completed.

Three sides of the dog bed tied together.

Stuff The Pillow In The Opening And Tie The End

Now you can slide the pillow into the opening, and then tie the open side closed. Use the same method as above and tie each set of strips into square knots.

The pillow between the top and bottom pieces of fleece after three sides are tied together.

Do this until there are no loose strips left to tie.

Finished fleece tie blanket dog bed.

You’re Done!

Now your no-sew dog bed is complete! All that’s left to do is fluff it up and find a spot to put your dog’s new bed.

Then let your dog enjoy his new comfy spot.

White poodle terrier laying on fleece tie blanket dog bed.

This bed also works great for cats. Allie loves to steal Morgan’s bed and use it as her own.

Tortoiseshell cat laying on fleece tie blanket dog bed.

So, there you have it! A simple and easy way to make a no-sew fleece dog bed.

This project is perfect for anyone who wants to give their pup a comfortable place to rest without spending a lot of money. All you need is some fleece material and an old pillow.

Be sure to try this project out and let us know how your pup likes it in the comments below.

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