Easy DIY Pet Bed

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Does your dog need a new bed? Are you looking for an option that doesn’t involve spending a lot of money? This DIY may be your answer. You can make your own pet bed, fairly inexpensively, and quickly.

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I made this pet bed in less than an hour for about $5. The price may be more if you buy more expensive materials, but I wanted an inexpensive one.

This bed is sized for smaller animals, like a cat or small to medium size dog. For a larger dog you would need to use more pillows and fleece. I’ve never made a bed for Luna as she prefers to lay on the floor, especially the non-carpeted areas.


1 – 50 x 60 inch fleece blanket (I purchased mine at Walmart for less than the cost of fleece from the fabric department)

Mainstays fleece throw

1 – standard or queen size pillow

A scissors

If you don’t want to use a fleece blanket you could buy 1 2/3 yards of fleece. It might be a little smaller depending on the width of the fleece.


Since I used a blanket, the blanket stitching needs to be removed. To do this, just cut the string and pull. One direction won’t pull easily and the other will. Just keep pulling until it stops. This will be where the thread was knotted. Cut the thread and the knot. Then continue until all the thread is removed.

pulling the blanket stitch out of the fleece throw

Fold the blanket in half, short sides together. Place your pillow inside to decide how much to cut off. I left about 6 inches but could have gone smaller. Mark where you want to cut.

Fleece folded in half with a pillow in the middle

Cut the fabric at the marks. I folded mine long sides together to make cutting easier, but if your cutting with a scissors it shouldn’t matter.

I also cut both ends off to eliminate the rounded corners. The extra fabric can be saved until you have enough to make a snuffle mat.

fleece folded with a pillow on top. White lines drawn on to show cutting marks.

Cut the fabric in half, cutting the short direction.

Then place the two halves of fleece on top of each other, wrong sides together.

Wrong side of the fleece

The picture above is the wrong side of the fleece. The picture below is the right side of the fleece.

right side of the fleece

Cut out a 4-inch square from each corner, making sure to cut both pieces of fleece.

fleece with the corner cut out

Now cut strips about 1 inch wide by 4 inches long, leaving them attached on the one edge. Do this along all 4 sides of the fleece. I laid one of my fabric rulers on the fleece to help me not cut too far.

fleece with strips cut 1 inch wide up to a fabric ruler marking how far to cut

Once all 4 sides are cut, it’s time to tie them. Take one set of strips, a top and bottom strip, and tie them together with a square knot.

the start of the knot tying the front piece of fleece to the back piece of fleece

The start of the knot.

the knot pulled tight

The picture above is what the knot will look like once it’s done and pulled tight.

Do this on both short sides and one long side. It should look like the picture below when you are ready for the next step.

three sides of the pet bed tied together

Place the pillow inside the pouch you have created.

the pillow between the top and bottom pieces of fleece after three sides are tied together

Now finish tying the last side together.

finished fleece tie blanket pet bed

Your pet bed is finished. Find a place to put it for your dog or cat to use. Allie likes her new bed. I’m sure Morgan will decide to use it at some point as well. Though she likes the other one I made a while back.

tortoiseshell cat laying on fleece tie blanket pet bed
white poodle terrier laying on fleece tie blanket dog bed

If you want a few other ideas for DIY dog beds you can view them here.

Do your pets have their own bed?

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