Hi there! I’m Shannon and I do all the writing here. I’m a mother of 3 human kids and have 3 fur babies. Two of my children have graduated from high school and the youngest is just starting high school. My furry babies are Morgan, a 10-year-old poodle terrier mix (she was a shelter pup so not sure what else she is mixed with), and Luna, a 4-year-old German Shepherd. We also had Allie, a tortoiseshell cat, but unfortunately, she recently passed away.

German shepherd laying on a couch.

Luna loves to play, both with her people and her toys, especially the squeaky ones. Being a German shepherd, she also loves to follow me and my youngest around the house. She’ll also follow my hubby around but not as much as me and the youngest. She was very confused when the oldest moved out but absolutely loves it when she comes to visit.

Small, white dog sitting on the sidewalk.

Morgan is the opposite of Luna. She doesn’t enjoy playing at all, though she loves to chew on a bone and cuddle with her favorite person. She also really enjoys barking at anyone that walks by, human or dog. During the 2020 shutdown, she also learned what the FedEx and UPS trucks sound like and lets us know, very loudly, whenever they drive by.

Tortoiseshell cat laying down.

Allie was the only cat and she loved to spend her time sleeping and cuddling (as long as it was on her terms). She also loved begging for food, particularly chicken, ham, or tuna. Her favorite form of exercise was bolting out the door whenever she can to roll in the grass (and eat it). Unfortunately she became sick right around her 14th birthday and recently passed away.

My two dogs are the motivation behind this blog. I want to share the dog care information that I’ve learned from caring for them with others. I’ll be focusing on dog care, training, and DIY (both food and crafts).

I learned the hard way with Luna, that certain dog care tips aren’t very clear and can cause issues if misunderstood. The biggest one I found is by following the puppy bathing advice I found in a book, I created a 130+ pound dog that is terrified of baths. I plan on sharing care tips to prevent these sorts of issues.

All dogs need basic training and many can be trained to do cute and/or useful tricks. I’ll also be sharing basic training tips and tips for training cute tricks.

The DIYs that I’ll be writing about are probably my dogs’ favorite topic. They absolutely love taste-testing all the treats I make to share with you. They also enjoy helping me clean up (for the no-bake treats). Along with homemade treats, I’ll be sharing toys and other items you can make for dogs.