No-Bake Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats

No-bake peanut butter pumpkin dog treats

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Fall is here (well almost here but the weather sure feels like it is fall) and that means pumpkin spice time. I’ve heard so much about pumpkin spice this or that on the radio for the last week or so already.

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While I’m not a big pumpkin spice fan, I do enjoy baking with pumpkin. Pumpkin cake, pumpkin bread, pumpkin bars… all sound good, but I can’t share those with my dogs (too much sugar and other not so good for dogs’ stuff in them).

I do want to share something with them because pumpkin is good for them. You can read here about the benefits of pumpkin for dogs.

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Since I can’t give my dogs the pumpkin treats I make for myself, what can I give them?

No-Bake Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats is the answer. These were inspired by Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Balls and No Bake Peanut Butter Dog Treats.

With only three ingredients these are a great, easy treat to give your dogs this fall (or any time of the year). They are even easy enough that your kids can help make them.

Always consult your veterinarian before giving your dog new foods.


1 cup pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie filling) fresh or canned is fine

½ cup peanut butter (make sure it doesn’t contain xylitol)

2 ½ cup oats, Old-fashioned or Quick Oats


Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix until well combined. I started with a mixing spoon but once the peanut butter and pumpkin started mixing with the oats it became difficult to stir. I then switched to just mixing with my hands.

Once it is all combined, take a small amount and roll it into a ball. Size them according to how big your dog is.

I made the larger balls around ping pong ball size for Luna (as she’s an 85-pound German Shepherd). I made smaller balls for Morgan (since she’s only 23 pounds).

A hand holding a dog treat ball after rolling it.

Place them on a pan lined with wax paper and place them in the fridge for about an hour. If, like me, you used all your wax paper last Christmas and forgot to buy more, you can use freezer paper too. Or just place it on the pan with no liner.

Dog treat balls on a pan ready to be refrigerated.

After they have chilled for an hour, they should hold their shape and be able to be placed in a covered container for storage.

 Store in the fridge and use within a week.

German Shepherd Dog and poodle terrier waiting for treats.

Luna and Morgan were excited to get to try these. At least they were both cooperative with doing a sit before getting their treat.

German Shepherd eating a treat.

Both Luna and Morgan enjoyed their treats so much it was hard to get a good picture of them.

Poodle terrier eating a treat.

Like any treat, give these to your dogs in moderation. And if your dog has allergies or a sensitive stomach, check with your vet before giving these to them.

If your dog enjoys these, they may also enjoy these Soft Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats.

I hope your dogs enjoy these as much as mine do.

82 thoughts on “No-Bake Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats”

        1. I’ve frozen some of the ones I’ve made and they seem to hold up just fine. I would just recommend thawing a few at a time, just what you can use in a day or so instead of thawing several days worth at a time.

          1. I have a child with a peanut allergy so can’t use peanut butter in case the dog licks him. Do you have any ideas about what I could use instead of peanut butter in this recipe?

          2. I have a child with a peanut allergy so can’t use peanut butter in case the dog licks him. Do you have any ideas about what I could use instead of peanut butter in this recipe?

          3. Other nut butters and seed butters should work in this recipe but I haven’t tried them myself. Dogs can have almond butter, hazelnut butter, cashew butter, and sunflower butter. Just make sure that there aren’t added ingredients, like xylitol, in it. As long as it is made from a dog-safe nut or seed and has a similar consistency to peanut butter I would think it would work. Also, some of these are higher in fat content or may be harder to digest, so it is recommended to start with small quantities to see how your dog does with it.

    1. I have not tried freezing them, but I have frozen pumpkin puree plenty of times. I think the texture may change some, but I know my dogs don’t care about texture.

      1. I did some research and didn’t find anything about raw oats mixed with wet foods like pumpkin. I did find that the AKC does not recommend feeding dogs raw oats because it’s harder for them to digest that way. But they were talking about plain oats not mixed with other food. You could cook them first to be safe, or check with your vet.

        1. Thank you for sharing about the AKC ! 👍I have two toy aussies that im going to be cooking for real soon. Its great getting these recipes 😋

        2. They are actually steamed to destroy pathogens and then rolled so it is actually fine for them to consume them. However steel cut oats are not steamed so not safe.

    1. I can’t say for sure that these would be ok or not for a 10-week old puppy. I would double-check with your vet to make sure it’s ok to give them to a puppy that young.

  1. Well my Chihuahua/Dodson mix adores them❣️ I was hoping my almost 16 year old Bassett would love these so I could use them as a pill pocket, but unfortunately he must be tired of peanut butter ☹️

    Super easy and quick treat👍🏻

    1. I would change the peanut butter for one of the other nut butters and maybe he will have a renewed interest in his treats.

    1. These seem to freeze fine, at least my dogs didn’t complain when I froze them. They ate them just as fast as they do when they are fresh.

  2. If you bake them for 30 min or so at 250 it might help keep the texture/shape then I think they would freeze fine.

    1. i agree, or cook up thick oats and add with mixture. it will serve its purpose until you get them in frig to hold .. Kaley is teething so every bit counts!

    2. i agree Ronda, cook up thick oats and add with mixture. it will serve its purpose until you get them in frig to hold .. Kaley is teething so every bit counts!

    1. The oats is what holds these together. You could try using flour but you would have to bake them since it isn’t recommended to eat raw flour.

      1. Some dogs have issues digesting almond products, like almond butter or almond flour, so start with small amounts and monitor your dog. Or check with your vet if it’s ok to give to your dog.

      1. We had a girl that was allergic to wheat so we used an alternative flour. Coconut flour works well and they like the taste.

  3. I’m making a batch now. I added a little wheat germ and a little brewers yeast. So far everything IS LOOKING GREAT! I Know Kaley will LOVE THEM! Yummy for dogs…

    1. I have not tried banana in this recipe. You could try it but the banana may go bad faster than the rest of the ingredients. All the recipes I’ve made with banana have either been baked or frozen.

  4. My dogs loved them and they were so easy to make so I made a double batch. Can I freeze them ?
    Thank you for this amazing recipe

    1. I think these can be frozen but the texture may change some. I have some in the freezer now to try it out but my dogs have so many treats I haven’t taken any out to check the texture yet.

    1. I have not tried these with anything other than peanut butter so I’m not sure how they would turn out. I would think other dog safe nut butters would work, but I have never used any of those for either my dogs or myself, so I can’t say for sure. Just be sure that whatever you try is safe for your dog.

    1. I’ve frozen some of the ones I’ve made and they seem to be fine. I would just recommend only thawing a few at a time as you want to use them. I’m not sure how freezing and then thawing affects the time they last.

      1. Hi, Shannon.
        I’m going to try your no-bake Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog treats. I think my dog will love them!

        I have a question for you…
        Your cute little white dog, Morgan, caught my eye because she looks JUST LIKE my little white dog, Cuddles! I’ve never seen another dog that looks so much like her and I’ve always wanted to know what breed mix she is. In fact, I had her DNA tested and the results were ridiculous! They tried to tell me she’s 37.5% American Staffordshire Terrier (Pitbull), 25% American Eskimo, 12.5% Cardigan Welsh Corgi and 25% unknown mixed Herding, Companion and Sporting Group breeds. Majority Pitbull? Seriously?! No way. Anyway, what breed mix is your Morgan? Please let me know, Shannon. If I can manage to include a pic of my Cuddles, I’ll do that too.
        Thanks so much, Shannon, and Happy Holidays!
        -Martina (& Cuddles)

        1. We got Morgan from a shelter when she was a puppy. We were told the parents were poodle/terrier mix. I can’t remember now if it was just momma that was poodle/terrier or if it was both parents. Morgan definitely resembles a terrier with her facial fur when we let it grow out and she definitely barks like a terrier. I don’t really see poodle in Morgan, but I haven’t been around many poodles to say for sure.

  5. I am rolling these into balls as my Aussie/huskie mix is “talking” to me because he can’t wait to try one. He’s going to have to be a little more patient! LOL

  6. o my gosh! i just came across this recipe last night, tried making them this morning, Max, our mini goldendoodle couldn’t even wait for an hour to hold it’s shape in the fridge! He didn’t care, he just loves them! Thanks for sharing this recipe! Stay safe!

    1. Almonds are considered non-toxic to dogs though it is not recommended to give them whole almonds do the choking hazard they pose. Almond butter is considered safe though not all dogs can digest it and it should be given in small quantities.

  7. I have made these several times a total pup hit! I have added ground flax as well. Today I ran low on pumpkin puree so I added some apple sauce. LOVE this recipe, so easy and always a hit. They are full of moisture so when storing in the fridge I put a paper towel inside the container to absorb the moisture. Fridge 1/2 and freeze 1/2.

    1. I wished that worked for Luna. She’ll chew it up enough to find the pill and spit the pill out before finishing the treat.

  8. I just made these & then had made a double batch lol..while making them all 4 of my girls were at my feet wanting some lol…so I made them a tiny ball & they snarfed can’t wait for them to try them when they are done 😊

    I checked them at an hour & they were still a lil wet so is it ok to leave them in the fridge overnight?

  9. Just a tip— to make rolling these out easier spray a little non stick cooking spray on your hands. My baby loves them.

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