34 Cute DIY Dog Bed Ideas To Pamper Your Dog With

Small dog sleeping on a pillow style dog bed.

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As a dog owner, you know how important it is to keep your dog happy and content. After all, they’re members of the family! 

So why not treat them right with a comfortable bed that you can make yourself? 

We’ve put together 34 amazing DIY ideas for dog beds to give your beloved fur baby the sleep they deserve – so get ready to pamper them like they deserve!

DIY Dog Beds

Pin image for 34 stylish DIY dog bed ideas your dog will love with a dog laying on a blanket.

This list of 34 DIY dog beds has beds that range from easy-to-make to more advanced projects. 

Some of these dog beds require just the materials needed to make the bed and a little bit of time. Others require power tools and several hours to put the bed together. 

No matter what your experience with DIY projects you are sure to find one for your dog.

No-Sew Fleece Dog Bed

White dog laying on a no sew diy dog bed.

Follow the simple no-sew fleece dog bed tutorial to create a soft and comfy dog bed without sewing. This project uses a pillow and fleece fabric (or a cheap fleece blanket), making it an inexpensive and customizable option.

Dog Bunk Beds

Ideal for those with multiple dogs, these bunk beds are both practical and cost-effective. With a budget of around $100, you can create a wooden dog bed by following the design plans from Ana White.

Crib Mattress Dog Bed With DIY Cover

This DIY dog bed project involves repurposing a crib mattress into a comfortable bed for your furry friend. The tutorial includes step-by-step instructions for creating a custom cover using fabric of your choice. By upcycling an old crib mattress, you can save money and give your dog a cozy spot to rest.

Shiplap Dog Bed

Looking for a modern classic touch? Try a shiplap dog bed. By positioning shiplap wood vertically and adding a nice frame, you can create a stunning piece that complements any room. Find the directions and materials list at Angela Marie Made.

Memory Foam DIY Dog Bed

For those who want to provide extra comfort to their furry friends, especially for dogs who prefer a firmer surface, a memory foam dog bed is an excellent choice. To make this new dog bed follow the tutorial here.

Repurposed Suitcase

Try converting an old suitcase into a stylish dog bed, as featured on HGTV. This unique idea adds a touch of vintage charm while providing a cozy resting place for your pup.

Recycled Tire Bed

A worn-out tire can be transformed into a durable dog bed, as shown at Practically Functional. Clean the tire, paint it, and add a cushion, and voilà – you’ve got an eco-friendly bed for your pet.

Pallet Dog Bed

Wooden pallets can be repurposed to create raised dog beds, as seen on My Creative Way. Break the pallets down and sand them, then put them together to make the frame of the dog bed. Then add a pillow style dog bed and you have a cute diy pallet dog bed for pooches of all shapes and sizes.

Upcycled Drawer Bed

Liz Marie uses old dresser drawers to make a pair of matching beds for her two dogs. Use a coat of paint on the drawer to match your home decor, and add a pillow with a cover to create a cozy space for your dog.

Repurposed Chair

Turn an old dining room chair into a pet bed, as demonstrated by Sparkles of Sunshine. She cut the legs off a thrift store chair and repainted it before adding a cushion and fabric to make this super cute dog bed perfect for any small dog!

Firehose Dog Bed

Follow this YouTube video tutorial to make a heavy-duty dog bed from 2x4s and firehose. Ideal for dogs who tend to destroy their beds, this design is both durable and comfortable for your dog.

DIY Wine Barrel Dog Bed

Lola the Pitty shows how to repurpose a wine barrel into a cozy dog bed. This design adds a rustic touch to your home while providing a comfortable space for your furry friend.

PVC Pipe Dog Bed

Construct a simple yet durable indoor/outdoor dog bed using PVC pipes and durable fabric. This design ensures easy cleaning and offers excellent ventilation. Follow the instructions from PVC Fittings Online to create this functional bed for your pet.

DIY Pet Crate Bed

Make your dog a comfy bed to place inside their crate with this tutorial from Sew Doggy Style. The tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for creating a custom cushion that fits inside your dog’s crate. All you need is a sewing machine, fabric, and batting to follow this tutorial.

Pillow Style Dog Bed

Follow this tutorial to make a comfortable pillow-style bed for your furry friend. The tutorial provides detailed instructions for making a simple rectangular pillow using stuffing and fleece fabric. This project is a great way to give your dog a cozy place to rest while also adding a personalized touch to your home. 

DIY Sweatshirt Dog Bed

This DIY dog bed project involves repurposing an old sweater into a cozy bed for your furry friend. The tutorial provides easy-to-follow instructions for creating a simple dog bed using an old sweatshirt, stuffing, and some sewing. This project is a great way to upcycle old clothing and give your dog a comfortable place to rest without spending a lot of money.

DIY Dog Bed with Blanket Burrow

A dog covered with a blanket.

If your dog loves to be covered with a blanket they are sure to love this DIY dog bed. It features a cozy bed with a built-in blanket burrow! The tutorial provides detailed instructions for making a dog bed with a burrow blanket out of a fleece throw blanket and pillow.

Teepee Dog Bed

Transform your dog’s sleeping experience with this creative DIY teepee-style dog bed project! The tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for making a teepee out of canvas fabric and wooden dowels. Just add a thin dog bed and it’s ready for your dog to sleep in.

Stylish Dog Bed Cover

The stylish dog bed cover was created to replace the torn cover on an old dog bed, but it can be used to make a new bed as well. The tutorial provides instructions for making a durable cover using durable fabric and a zipper closure. The cover can be customized to fit your dog’s bed size and decor preferences.

Zippered Dog Bed Cover

The easy to sew zippered dog bed cover is a great option to create a custom look dog bed. The tutorial provides clear instructions for making a custom cover using basic sewing skills. This project is a great way to give your dog’s bed a fresh look while also protecting it from wear and tear. 

Burrow Dog Bed

If you’re looking for a unique and cozy dog bed, you should check out this DIY burrow dog bed tutorial from Lia Griffith! This project features a removable cover and a built-in blanket burrow, giving your furry friend a snug and secure place to rest. The tutorial is more advanced so beginner sewers may have difficulty with it. 

Cozy Quilted Dog Bed

Make your pup a cozy quilted bed with this easy project from Better Homes and Gardens. The tutorial provides detailed instructions for making a square dog bed using a pillow form and old jeans. This design is not only comfortable but also stylish and can easily be customized to match any decor. 

DIY Large Dog Bed

Pine and Poplar created this bed after being inspired by a dog bed at Pottery Barn. This bed is a nice wood frame with room for a large dog bed. This gorgeous dog bed would look great in any home!

Wood Dog Bed Frame

My Frugal Adventures designed this wood dog bed frame to dress up her new puppy’s dog bed. It’s a cute wood frame that can be adjusted to fit any size bed. The tutorial provides detailed instructions for creating the frame and you can customize the look with what paint or stain you use for the wood.

Farmhouse Dog Bed

Make this cute farmhouse style dog bed with the free printable plans from Shanty 2 chic! The step by step photos show you exactly what needs to be done to make the wood farmhouse style dog bed frame for your dog.  

DIY Dog Bed with Upcycled Drawer Look

Saws on Skates created a tutorial for a dog bed that looks like an upcycled drawer dog bed. This is perfect for those that want to have the upcycled drawer look but don’t have access to any old drawers. 

Mid-Century Dog Bed

This dog bed from Our Nerd Home has a mid-century look to it. This cute bed is made from plywood that was cut to fit the flat dog bed they were making a frame for. The upside is that you can customize this for any size dog. The downside is if you are like me and need exact measurements, this tutorial doesn’t have that.

Modern Dog Bed

This DIY dog bed from Centsational Style involves creating a stylish and modern bed for your furry friend. The tutorial provides a diagram of how the bed gets put together along with a supply list for the size bed they made. The bed can be customized to fit your dog’s size and can be painted any color to match your decor preferences.

Murphy Bed for Dogs

For those that want an easy way to hide their dog’s bed when it’s not in use, This Old House

has a tutorial for you. This Murphy bed looks like a cabinet when the bed is not in use. The tutorial has very detailed instructions and This Old House rates it at easy for skill level. 

Dog Bed from an End Table

This DIY project from Southern Revivals involves repurposing an old end table into a functional and stylish bed for your dog. They took a broken end table and painted it before turning it into a new bed for their dog. This is a great way to repurpose an old piece of furniture that might have otherwise been thrown out.

Side Table Dog Bed

86 Lemons took an old side table and turned it into a cute place for their dogs’ bed. This is a great idea for those with smaller dogs. It’s also great for those with limited space since their dog gets a bed and you get a side table to place a lamp or other items on.

DIY Wooden Crate Pet Bed

The Inspired Hive took a wooden crate and turned it into a cozy and stylish bed for your favorite pet. She used a wooden crate and some wooden candle holders (to be used as legs for the bed) and created a stylish frame to hold a small pet bed. 

Dog Bed for a Crate

If your dog prefers to sleep in their crate then this dog bed from Tonya Staab will be perfect for you. This great tutorial walks you through how to sew a dog bed from durable fabric to fit your dog’s crate. It’s a great option for a DIY dog crate bed instead of having to buy a new bed for your dog.

No Sew Dog Bed Cover

This no sew dog bed cover from Thistle Key Lane is a great option for those that don’t want to sew. It’s a simple tutorial that even the most inexperienced crafter can follow and make an adorable pet bed cover. You just need some fabric, scissors, and fabric glue! But for those that do sew, you can easily skip the glue and sew the bed cover instead.

Pin image for 34 DIY dog bed ideas with a dog laying on a pillow style dog bed.

Making a new bed for your dog is the best way to get a bed that looks the way you want it without having to spend too much on it. 

Now you just have to narrow down which bed to make for your dog so they can have a cute new bed to sleep in.

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