Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Dog

Christmas gifts around the words Christmas gifts for dogs.

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Our pets are part of our family and that means including them in Christmas. The kids get gifts for Christmas, the dogs and cat should too. I don’t always wrap their gifts, but I do try to get them something special for Christmas too.

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A yellow lab sniffing a Christmas stocking with the words Christmas gift ideas for your dog.

If you aren’t sure what to get your dog for Christmas, I’ve compiled 19+ ideas for you. Some are DIY and others are store-bought. Some are treats (because what dog doesn’t love a good treat?) and some are toys.

Between Luna and Morgan, they would love most of what’s on this list (I’m not sure about the wearables…) I hope you find something on this list that your dog will love.

DIY Gifts

Let’s start with the DIYs. If you love to make things for those you love, why not make something on this list for your dog?

Snuffle Mat

A multi colored snuffle mat.

A snuffle mat is a great idea for those dogs that need an activity that makes them think. Or for those that need to slow down a little while they eat.

The best part about this one is that you can customize the size by buying a different size mat for the base.

T-shirt Rope Toy

A DIY t-shirt rope toy.

If your dog loves to play tug, or fetch, a T-shirt rope toy may be the right choice.

All you need is a few old t-shirts (or some fleece) and you can have a new toy made in a short amount of time.

Woven Fleece Cady Cane

If you want a holiday-themed dog toy, this woven fleece candy cane is a great idea.

It’s made similar to the T-shirt rope toy above but has an added challenge to make the curve of the candy cane. I love how cute it is even though it’s a little harder to make.

Easy DIY Dog Bed

A DIY dog bed.

Dogs spend a lot of the day sleeping, at least mine do (especially Morgan), so why not make them a new dog bed?

Here’s a simple dog bed to make. All it takes is some fleece and a pillow.

Dog Treats in a Jar

Dog treats in a jar is a great gift for both you and your dog or another dog lover in your life.

Just get a jar, decorate it, and fill it with your dog’s favorite treats.

DIY Dog Toy Bunny

If your dog loves soft toys, this toy bunny would be a great toy to make for them.

It looks easy enough for a beginner sewer to make, though the eyes and nose may be a little more challenging.

DIY Bandana

If you want to make something that your dog can wear, you could make them this DIY bandana.

You do need to have basic sewing skills for this, but it doesn’t look too hard.

DIY Dog Scarf

Another wearable you can make is this super cute dog scarf. The only issue with this one is you do need some knitting ability or know someone that can knit.

Since I don’t knit at all, I can’t say for sure if this would be easy enough for a beginner or not but there is a link on this post for knitting for beginners. So if you don’t knit you could start there and then try making this.

Subscription Service

Bark Box

Bark Box filled with Scooby Doo themed toys and treats.

Bark Box is a monthly subscription service that sends you treats and toys in the mail. The boxes have a different theme each month.

The box pictured above is a Scooby-Doo themed box. I believe they do not repeat themes, so you may never get exactly what is pictured above.

Super Chewer

If your dog is a heavy chewer and you don’t think Bark Box’s plush toys would work, they also have the Super Chewer program.

The toys for Super Chewer are designed for dogs that love to chew and tend to destroy their toys. These toys are not indestructible, but they do last longer than other toys.

Similar to Bark Box above, the Super Chewer box includes toys and treats.


If you’d rather purchase something for your dog, here are some toys that they may like.


A traditional Kong is a great toy for any age dog. You fill it with food, treats, peanut butter (basically anything your dog likes) and give it to your dog. Most dogs will be kept busy for quite a while with a filled Kong.

To give your dog an added challenge you can freeze the filled Kong. It will take longer for your dog to get all the food and is also works as a cool treat when the weather is warm.

Kong Flyer

If your dog loves to play with a frisbee, or to play fetch, a Kong Flyer is a good option for you. Luna loves to play fetch with a frisbee but kept destroying the ones we would buy.

We’ve had ours for about 7 months now and it’s still in good shape. The other ones we’ve tried only lasted a few days to a couple of weeks.

Kong Wobbler

A Kong Wobbler is a great toy for any dog that loves treats or eats too fast. You can put small treats or smaller sized kibble in the Kong Wobbler and then let your dog push it around trying to knock the food or treats out. It’s a great way to challenge their mind while feeding them.

Dragon Plush Toy

If your dog enjoys plush toys, they may enjoy this Dragon Plush Toy.

3 Squeak Snake

The 3 Squeak Snake is another good option for those dogs that love plush toys.

*Both the Dragon Plush Toy and the 3 Squeak Snake are not recommended for heavy chewers.

Luna is a moderate to heavy chewer and can destroy these quickly if left to chew on them. She does love to play indoor fetch with these types of toys and as long as we don’t let her chew on them these toys will last for a while.



Antlers are a great natural option for those dogs that love to chew. I’ve given an antler to both of my dogs and they both enjoy them.

Bully Sticks

Both Luna and Morgan absolutely LOVE Bully Sticks. These are another natural chew that most dogs will love.

Unfortunately, Morgan loves these so much that she has been known to growl when we try to take it away. This is one of few treats that she will do that with.

Some dogs will try to swallow the last bit whole, so please take away once it gets small enough to swallow.

A Bone

Natural bones are another great chew for those dogs that love to chew. I don’t recommend getting the smoked bones that are common at the store. If you have a large dog, like Luna, they may not last very long.

I gave Luna one of the smoked bones that is sold in the pet department and she managed to eat almost the whole thing in a fairly short period of time. She then had diarrhea for the rest of the day (thankfully not bad diarrhea, but still I felt bad).

This type of bone is much harder to eat and is more of a chew than a snack (which is what I want for Luna).


Nylabones are another great option for a chew toy but don’t work quite as well for aggressive chewers.

I’ve had some that Morgan has gnawed down to the point of having to throw away within a few hours (though she is a very aggressive chewer on a new, flavored Nylabone). The ones labeled aggressive chewer seem to last a little longer than the other ones.


What gift list for dogs would be complete without treats? My dogs absolutely love treats. They love treats so much that all I have to do is open a bag and they come running, even if it’s not a bag of treats.

Some of my dogs’ favorite treats are below:

I hope you got some ideas for what to get your dogs for Christmas. If they’re anything like my dogs they will be thrilled with anything food related.

If you want more DIY ideas, here are some more DIY Christmas gifts for dogs.

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