Bark Super Chewer Review: A Tough Toy for a Tough Dog

Bark Super Chewer Box

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If you have a tough dog, you need a tough toy. And that’s where Bark Super Chewer comes in. This is a subscription service that delivers high-quality, durable toys to your door every month.

Your dog will love playing with these toys, and you’ll love knowing that they are virtually indestructible. Read on for our full review of Bark Super Chewer!

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Pin image of a Review of Super Chewer from Bark with a German Shepherd sniffiing the toys and treats from Super Chewer.

What is BarkBox Super Chewer?

BarkBox Super Chewer is a monthly subscription service for dogs who love to chew. Every month, you’ll receive toys, treats, and chews for your dog. Each month has a different theme to help with the variety of toys and treats your dog will get.

What Comes In a Super Chewer Box?

School themed treats and toys from a Super Chewer box.

Each Super Chewer box comes with two tough toys, two bags of treats, and two chews. The toys are designed to withstand even the most aggressive chewers.

The treats and chews are all sourced from companies in the USA or Canada, so you can be sure that they are of the highest quality.

Super Chewer Dog Toys  

Super Chewer dog toys are made with rubber and nylon and are made to stand up to a tough chewer. While no toy will last forever, these toys should last long enough for your dog to get enjoyment out of them.

Some of the toys come with a plush wrap that holds up better than regular dog toys, though it is expected that your dog will tear it off at some point. Many of the Super Chewer plush wrapped toys have a rubber toy underneath the wrap that your dog can continue to play with once the plush wrap is destroyed.

Each toy comes with a tag that says whether that toy is meant to be played with after the outer covering is destroyed.

Many months will have one nylon chew toy that comes in a fun shape. These toys are specifically for chewing and will last quite a while. If your dog starts to get pieces off of the nylon toy you can sand them down with sandpaper and then give the toy back to your dog.

Super Chewer Treats & Chews

Super Chewer treats are all-natural and made by companies in either the USA or Canada.

All treats Super Chewer treats are corn, soy, and wheat free, though any treats added in from outside vendors may contain those ingredients. It’s best to always check the ingredients before giving any treats to your dog so you know what you are giving to your dog.

If your dog has a specific allergy it’s best to let Super Chewer know and they will do what they can to provide you with treats that will be safe for your dog.

What size dog can get Super Chewer? 

Any size dog can get Super Chewer. They have 3 sizes that they group most dogs into:

  • Small (dogs under 20 pounds)
  • Medium (dogs 20 to 49 pounds)
  • Large (dogs over 50 pounds)

If your dog is close to the next size you may want to consider bumping them up to give them the larger toys. Super Chewer also recommends sizing up if you have a dog with a large jaw, like boxers and pitties.

If you have any questions on what size to order it is best to reach out to Super Chewer and discuss it with them.

Can I get this for my puppy?

Super Chewer is ok for puppies as long as they are heavy chewers and will enjoy toys that don’t have any fluff. It would probably be best to wait until they are 6 months old (that’s the age that is recommended for Bark Box and I would assume Super Chewer would be similar).

If you aren’t sure if you should get it for your puppy, the Super Chewer staff is usually pretty quick at responding to questions on their site.

If you do decide to get Super Chewer for your puppy it’s recommended to start with their current size and just update your account as your puppy grows.

Super Chewer Pros

  • Super Chewer is a great way to keep your dog entertained with new, durable toys every month.
  • The toys are designed for tough chewers and should last longer than most other dog toys.
  • All of the Bark Box Super Chewer branded treats and chews are sourced from companies in either the USA or Canada so you know they are of the highest quality.
  • You can get Super Chewer for any size dog, and they have a great customer service department that is always willing to help.

Super Chewer Cons

  • The toys are designed to be destroyed, so if your dog isn’t a chewer you may not want to subscribe.
  • The toys are heavy, especially if you have a large dog. You do not want to kick one of the nylon chew toys with bare feet (or let your dog drop it on your foot). Both happened to me and it hurt!
  • If your dog isn’t a fan of rubber toys they may not like some of the toys that come each month. Though Super Chewer is pretty good about adjusting your box if you get toys your dog doesn’t like. You just have to contact them and let them know what your dog likes and doesn’t like.

Barkbox Super Chewer Themes

Fishing themed dog treats and toys.

Every month has a different theme for the toys that come in your box. One month my dogs got a beach themed box that had a beach ball toy (beach ball looking fabric covering a rubber ball) and a nylon seagull chew toy.

Another month we received a fishing themed box with a rubber bobber shaped toy and fish shaped nylon chew toy.

Other themes I know they’ve had are back to school, fall hike, ski lodge, and deep space.

How to Order

Ordering Super Chewer is super easy, just head over to the Super Chewer website and click Claim Offer. It will then ask you for information about your dog and what subscription you would like.

BarkBox Super Chewer Price 

There are three subsriptions you can get that have a different monthly price. The best deal is to get the 12 month subscription, but then you are locked in for the 12 months before you can cancel. Here are the prices:

  • 12 months: $30/box 
  • 6 month: $35/box
  • 1 month: $45/box

Super Chewer Deal

Most months Super Chewer has a deal for new subscribers. It changes monthly and is only available for new subscribers. This deal will show up on their main page when you go to sign up.

Super Chewer Warranty and Replacement

Super Chewer has a 100% Happiness Guarantee that says “If a toy isn’t tough enough for a dog in our pack, we’ll replace it, 100% free of charge.”

I personally never had to have a Super Chewer toy replaced, but I did have issues with a Bark Box toy. All I had to do was contact them with what happened (the toy ripped fairly quickly after giving it to Luna) and they sent me a new toy. It wasn’t the same toy, but it was similar.

While they will replace toys that are damaged, it is expected that your dog will destroy most of the toys at some point or other. Just use your judgment on whether it was too quick or not.

Luna and Morgan have managed to destroy quite a few of the toys we’ve received from both Bark Box and Super Chewer, but I’ve only had the one replaced. All other toys lasted at least a few weeks to a month (with plenty lasting even longer).

What my dogs thought of Super Chewer

German Shepherd grabbing a bird chew toy off a Super Chewer box.

Luna and Morgan both enjoyed the Super Chewer toys and treats. I think they liked getting a new toy every month, though they did have their favorites.

Morgan absolutely loves to chew but refuses to play with toys. She loved the nylon chews that came in most of the boxes. When we had Bark Box, there were hardly ever nylon chews so Morgan was left out when it came to the toys.

White poodle terrier chewing on a bird shaped chew toy.

Luna loves chewing and playing so she enjoyed many of the toys that came in the box. There were a few toys that Luna didn’t like, but she isn’t a fan of just rubber toys. The rubber bobber that came in the fishing themed box hardly ever gets played with, but she really loves the hamster toy (rubber toy covered with fabric to look like a hamster).

Luna loves fabric toys and toys with squeakers which are the type of toys not seen as often in a Super Chewer box as they are typically the ones that are destroyed the fastest. So while not all of the toys were a hit with her, there were many that she loved.

Both dogs really enjoyed the treats and the chews. All I have to do is walk over to where I keep the treats and both dogs will be right there. I have yet to find a treat that either dog doesn’t like.

The only thing I don’t like is that both dogs like to leave the nylon chews all over the house and they really hurt when I run into them without shoes on. I highly recommend making sure to pick these up if you walk around much in the dark.

Conclusion: Is Super Chewer worth it?

If you have a dog that loves to chew, or who destroys most toys then Super Chewer is worth it. The toys are durable (though no toy is indestructible) and the treats and chews are tasty (at least that’s what my dogs think).  

Plus, there’s no need to go to the store for another dog toy or more treats, they will be delivered to your home every month without you havening to do anything. If you’re unsure you can always try it for a month (just make sure to turn off auto-renew).

I hope your dog enjoys Super Chewer as much as mine have!

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