BarkBox: Is it Worth It?

A bark box with stuffed toys and treats.

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Subscription services are everywhere, even for dogs.

Many people have heard of BarkBox, but have you ever tried it? 

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What is BarkBox?

Pin image of a German Shepherd sniffing a BarkBox dog toy with the words BarkBox Review Is it worth it?

BarkBox is a subscription box that has toys and treats for your dog. The monthly boxes each have a different theme with the toys and treats matching that month’s theme.

Some of the themes my dogs have received are Scooby-Doo, Night at the Squeakeasy, Dogsgiving (November box), Peanuts (December box), and Spa Day.

Bark Box with 1920s speakeasy themed toys.

Is BarkBox worth it?

BarkBox says they have at least $40 of toys and treats in each box. With the most expensive subscription being $35 a box, you will be saving at least a little each month. 

Along with the savings you have to also consider the fact that these are delivered right to your house on a monthly basis keeping your dogs in new toys and treats every month with no need to go to the store.

What do my dogs think of BarkBox?

German Shepherd sniffing a BarkBox dog toy.

My dogs absolutely love BarkBox. Luna loves most of the toys, especially those that squeak (which is almost every toy in her box). 

We had an issue the first month with a toy ripping but they were quick to replace it. Other than that one toy, we have only had to toss a few after a few months of heavy play.

Luna still has most of the toys that have come, though some are starting to look a little rough from all the squeaking and slobbering she has done with them. 

Luna also loves the treats and chews that come each month. We have yet to find a treat she won’t eat (though she is far from picky when it comes to treats).

Morgan is not interested in the toys, but she has never been a fan of toys, even as a puppy. And at 8 years old we have given up on her ever being a dog that loves to play.

Small white dog sniffing a BarkBox full of dog toys and dog treats.

But though she hates the toys, she absolutely loves the treats and chews. She is very food motivated and will be anyone’s best friend while they have treats.

Both dogs are right there waiting to see what is in each box as I open it. With Luna being so big she sometimes gets a peak in the box before I do because she will shove her head in the way trying to get the new toys out.

What size dog can get BarkBox?

There are three different sizes you can choose from for your dog. You can choose

Small, 0 – 10lbs

Medium, 20 – 50lbs

Large 50lbs+

If you have two or more dogs of various sizes, it is recommended to pick the size of the larger dog.

What are the subscription options?

BarkBox offers 3 subscription options. Like most subscriptions, the longest subscription is the best value, but if you just want to try it out you can choose a shorter subscription and change it at a later date.

The subscriptions they currently offer, as of January 2021 are as follows:

12 months at $23 per month

6 months at $26 per month

1 month at $35 per month

Like many other subscriptions they do turn on auto-renew, so you will want to make sure to turn that off if you don’t want to continue past your initial commitment.

What is included in a box?

Each classic assortment box (their basic box) comes with 2 themed toys, 2 themed treats, and 1 chew. 

You can also choose to get additional toys, for an additional cost, added to your monthly box. When I initially signed up, I signed up for 3 toys a month, which is what is shown in the picture below.

A Scooby Doo themed bark box with a scooby doo plush toy, mystery machine plush toy, and sandwich plush toy along with 2 bags of treats and chew treat.

Can I get this for my puppy?

BarkBox says all their treats and chews are great for dogs of any age and size. If you want to sign up for BarkBox for your puppy just pick the size that is right for your puppy at their current stage of growth and update it as they grow.

Any changes should go into effect for the next month’s shipment. It should say when you make a change how soon it will be applied.

Do they work with allergies?

If your dog has allergies you can still get BarkBox. You just have to fill out the section on allergies. They have a spot to select allergies for chicken, turkey, beef, fish, pork, duck, lamb, and grain. 

If your dog has other allergies not listed, you may want to contact their “Happy Team” (aka customer service) to verify if they use those ingredients.

What if my dog doesn’t like something in the box?

If your dog doesn’t like something in their box you just have to contact the Happy Team and they will help you. 

I had to contact them twice and they were very friendly and did what they could to fix the issues we had.

What if a toy rips/breaks?

If a toy rips or breaks soon after getting it, you can contact the Happy Team and they may send out a replacement. 

What if my dog is a toy destroyer?

If your dog is a known toy destroyer, BarkBox may not be for you. These toys are soft and can be easily damaged by a dog that loves to destroy your typical pet store toy.

Though BarkBox itself isn’t a good fit for the determined chewer, they do have an option for these dogs. 

They have another subscription service, the SuperChewer box, that is designed specifically for dogs that destroy toys. These toys are made with the tough chewer in mind.

Does Bark have other subscription boxes?

Besides Bark Box and Super Chewer, Bark also offers Bark Bright, a dental chew subscription box.

If you are interested in Bark Bright, but would like more information on it, check out my review of Bark Bright.

Overall BarkBox Review

Overall I think BarkBox is worth trying if you have a dog that loves toys or treats. Their Happy Team is great at helping you adjust your monthly box to get it just right for your dog.

The best part about it, for me at least, is the fact that my dogs get new toys and treats without me having to set foot in a store. No more driving across town, and standing in line to get my dogs some new toys and treats.

Plus the my dogs get different treats every month so they don’t have to have the same thing all the time.

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  1. Florence Jarvis

    My dog Chance and my brothers dog Bumper love their BarkBox toys. I add on toys too. BarkBox is totally worth it

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