Freedom Harness Review

German shepherd withwearing a purple freedom harness

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I used to dread taking Luna, my German Shepherd, for walks. She’s such a big girl that it’s nothing to her to pull me around. While we’re working on teaching nice leash walking skills, we needed something that would help now before I got seriously hurt.

I tried multiple harnesses before I found the Freedom Harness from 2 Hounds Design. This harness is designed to help reduce leash pulling with its two leash connection points.

The back connection helps reduce pulling and the front connection allows you to redirect (or steer) your dog away from what they are pulling towards. 

It comes with a double leash that allows you to use both the front and back at the same time for the most control of your dog.

How Does the Freedom Harness Work?

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The Freedom Harness works by giving gentle pressure to your dog when they pull which gives your dog a physical cue that they are pulling.

The pressure is caused by the back loop pulling tighter when the dog pulls. This loop is just like the loop on a martingale collar.

The amount of pressure is limited due to the relatively small size of the loop, so your dog shouldn’t feel pain as long as you have the harness sized correctly.

How Does the Freedom Harness from 2 Hounds Design Get Put On?

The Freedom Harness is easy to put on, especially after you’ve done it a couple of times.

First, put it over your dog’s head.

German Shepherd with harness partially on.

Then pull it between their legs and clip the ends together on each side. Make sure the straps are behind the front legs of your dog.

Clip on side of harness.

The front should look like this, with the metal loop in the middle of their chest.

Front view of a German Shepherd in a Freedom Harness.

The front should look like this, with the metal loop in the middle of their chest.

Back view of the Freedom harness.

Pros of the Freedom Harness

The Freedom Harness is made in the USA.

You can get a matching double leash that allows you to use both the front and back connectors on the harness.

This harness does reduce pulling, though no harness can eliminate pulling completely without training.

Comes in a variety of sizes from extra small to 2x large. It’s one of few no-pull harnesses that actually fit my German Shepherd, Luna.

Since this harness stays off of the neck it doesn’t cause choking or gagging.

The 2 Hounds Design Freedom Harness comes with a chewing replacement warranty.

It can be used with either a single leash or a double leash.

A German shepherd wearing the Freedom harness with just the front loop attached to a leash.

There are lots of color options.

The Freedom Harness is difficult for dogs to slip out of when it’s fit properly. Difficult does not mean impossible, Luna managed to slip out of it once by going backward when she was scared.

Has 2 leash attachment spots, one on the back and one on the front. 

The back leash attachment spot is a martingale collar style loop that provides pressure to remind your dog not to pull.

Soft bottom strap to be more comfortable for your dog.

Cons of the Freedom Harness

The leash that comes with is too short when using both clips if you have a large dog. When using both clips I was constantly tripping over Luna.

No reflective trim on the harness for night walking.

Not chew proof (though they do have a chewing warranty).

Leash hurts your hands if your dog does try to pull. 

A little pricey compared to some other harnesses.

Where Can The Freedom Harness Be Purchased?

The easiest place to find the Freedom Harness is online. Both Amazon and Chewy have the Freedom Harness in a variety of colors. If you want just the harness without the leash, you can get that on Amazon.   

Some brick and mortar stores also carry this harness, though it’s not usually in the national chain stores. The one store I’ve found it in where I live is a locally owned pet store. Neither of the national stores has it in my town.

My Personal Experience with the Freedom Harness

Luna is a horrible leash puller, and at 120+ pounds it doesn’t take much on her part to drag me around. I’ve tried several different harnesses and this one seems to work the best so far. 

Luna does still manage to pull but now it is much more manageable. Without this harness, I was terrified of walking Luna, especially when there was anyone else outside. With this harness, I am more confident that I will be able to maintain control of her. She still is difficult to handle around dogs she wants to play with, but other than that she walks much better with the Freedom Harness than she did without it. 

I will say that I did not like the leash that came with the harness. At only 3 feet long when using both clips it is way too short for Luna. 

She actually pulls more with such a short leash as she doesn’t like being that close to the person walking her. I would constantly trip over her with that leash. 

To fix this problem I purchased two 6 foot leashes that I liked and used one for the front clip and one for the back clip.

Double leash set up on a freedom harness.

Now that Luna walks better I only use 1 leash on the back, though she does still have a few issues around other dogs (especially the ones she wants to go play with).

Freedom harness with just the back loop attached to a leash.

The other thing I really like about this harness is that it actually comes in Luna’s size. She’s such a big girl that many harnesses are too small for her. 

I recently had to buy a new harness because Luna had outgrown her old Freedom Harness. I was really hoping to try a different style that is less expensive, especially since I was pretty sure we were going to be told she needs to lose a little weight. I didn’t want to spend the money on the Freedom harness if I may need to buy a different one once she manages to lose a few pounds. 

Unfortunately, all the other harnesses that I liked stopped one size too small for Luna except the Freedom harness. Thankfully this one has enough room for adjustment that if she does manage to lose some weight we should be able to just tighten this harness and not have to buy another new one.

Overall I’m happy with the Freedom harness and so is Luna. She loves getting it put on (mostly because it means it’s time for a walk) but she also doesn’t mind if it gets left on for a while.

German shepherd wearing a harness with the words Review of the Freedom No-pull Harness.

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