14 Homemade Christmas Dog Treats

Dog treats packaged for Christmas.

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Christmas is a time to show your loved ones you care. Many do this by making Christmas goodies, like cookies and bars, to share with their families and friends. 

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But what about your dog? Do you make any Christmas goodies for them?

If you’ve never made your dog any Christmas goodies, this is the year to do it. I’ve compiled a list of Christmas dog treats to give you many options to choose from.

And for those that have made homemade dog treats before, whether for Christmas or just any time of the year, check out the list below for ideas of what to try this year.

These treats would also make lovely gifts to give to friends and family that have dogs of their own.

Always consult your veterinarian before giving your dog new foods.

Homemade Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Dog Treats

These gluten-free peanut butter dog treats may not sound like they would be a good fit for a Christmas cookie, but when they are cut into little people shapes, they look just like a gingerbread man. 

Gingerbread Jiggler Gelatin Dog Treats with Yogurt Frosting

Jello and gingerbread are not something that I would think go together, but these do look tasty. Why not give these gingerbread jigglers a try for your dogs this Christmas?

Candy Cane Hypoallergenic Dog Treat

These candy cane dog treats use only ingredients that are not typically seen as allergens for dogs. It includes a frosting recipe so you can decorate the cookies to look like a candy cane.

Please check the ingredients before making them if your dog has allergies.

Candy Cane Dog Treats

Candy cane dog treats on Christmas background.

Here’s another candy cane dog treat that is made a little differently.

Instead of using cookie cutters to get the candy cane shape, this recipe twists two colors of dough together to shape into a candy cane.  

Christmas Bark Dog Treats

These treats are very festive looking. They use carob chips and yogurt drops to make a dog friendly Christmas Bark that looks good enough to sample for yourself.

Easy Horse and Dog Gingerbread Treats

As the name suggests these are both dog and horse safe. These look just like normal gingerbread treats but without any of the bad for dogs (and horses) stuff that is in a normal, made for humans, treat. 

Apple Mint Christmas Dog Bones

This recipe uses a bread machine to mix the dough but says you can also use a mixer with a dough hook. I haven’t tried making them yet, so I’m unsure about how easy they are to mix without those machines.

Cheddar and Apple Christmas Cookies for Dogs

Cheddar and apple cookies don’t sound like a Christmas treat, but when they are cut into Christmas tree shapes, they are a cute and tasty Christmas treat for your dog.

Calvin’s Christmas Cookies 

These cookies use natural ingredients, like cranberries, to decorate them. They look like they belong out for Christmas and are a tasty treat for your dog.

Christmas Cookie Dog Treat

A simple, 5 ingredient peanut butter dog treat to make this Christmas, or any time of the year. 

Homemade Holiday Dog Treats

These treats combine sweet potatoes and peanut butter to make a tasty treat for Christmas or any time of the year.

Homemade Cranberry and Pumpkin Dog Treats

Nothing says holidays more than pumpkin and cranberries. So why not make your dog a treat that combines both of these holiday staples into one treat?

Gingerbread Dog Biscuits

Here’s another gingerbread dog treat recipe to try this year. This one cuts the gingerbread into bone shapes and wraps them up to give away as gifts.

Cranberry, Lentil, and Oat Christmas Dog Treats

These treats look a little more difficult to make, but only if you’ve never used lentils before. Other than that, these look like great holiday treats to share with your dog.

I hope you were able to find a few new treats to make your dogs for Christmas this year. 

I know my dogs will be anxiously awaiting trying any of these treats and would be thrilled with any of them for Christmas this year.

Enjoy the holidays with your dogs and family!

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