A Review of Chewy.com

A Chewy.com box between a German shepherd and a small white dog.

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Many pet owners, but not all, have heard of Chewy.com for ordering pet supplies. Chewy offers pet supplies for dogs, cats, fish, birds, small pets, reptiles, and horses. They’ve been around for years but it was only recently that I decided to give them a try.

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A pin image of a German shepherd next to a Chewy.com box below the words review of Chewy.com.

Normally I would just pick up my dog and cat supplies when I would pick up my groceries. And that worked for years until the grocery store discontinued Morgan’s dog food.

That, along with the fact that Luna does best on a higher-end food that is only available at one store, all the way across town, made me decide to try ordering through Chewy.

My experience with Chewy.com

Ordering my dogs’ food on chewy.com was super simple. All I had to do was type in the name of the food and select the variety that my dogs like. I then chose the size bag I wanted and added it to my cart.

Since my dogs’ food is an expensive brand, and I buy the largest bag possible (still only lasts about 3 weeks with how much Luna eats a day) I qualified for free shipping. 

Then all I had to decide was if I wanted the order autoshipped or not. Since my dogs empty a bag in about 3 weeks I decided to give autoship a try. I then received a discount on my order because Chewy offers a discount on most autoship orders.

After giving all my info to pay for and ship the dog food I received an email that I would get my order within 1 to 2 days.

My order arrived within that 1 to 2 days so I decided to continue with the autoship. My second order also arrived within 1 to 2 days of shipping on the autoship.

I was initially impressed with Chewy for the quick shipping and plan to continue with them. Unfortunately due to everything that is currently going on, their shipping is now much slower than normal, about 7 to 10 days.

The good thing with this is that they do send me an email reminding me of the slower shipping times about a week before my autoship so I can order it early to still receive it when my normal autoship would arrive if they didn’t have the delay in shipping. 

When I originally set up my autoship I was off by a few days so I had to go to the local store and buy a bag of food, so I am able to wait for my autoship to arrive when it does. But if I didn’t have that extra bag I would have to order my dog food early and I’m thankful that they send out those reminders. 

I’m hopeful that once everything calms down shipping will get back to normal. I had to make an additional order yesterday for some fish oil for Luna (vet wants her on it) and some toys (we lost Luna’s favorite fetch toy sometime over winter) and it will be a week before we get those. 

Pros of Chewy.com

  • Ship your pet supplies to home, no more lugging them around the store.
  • Free shipping on orders over $49.
  • Normally fast shipping (currently slower due to the pandemic).
  • It has all the major brands of dog food (even the brands that are hard to find).
  • It has most items you want for your pet.
  • Prices are competitive to instore (at least for the products that I buy).
  • Can track orders online.
  • 30% off your first autoship. There is no code required for this discount.
  • Autoship makes it much easier to not run out of dog food (just make sure to set it for how fast or slow your dog goes through the bag of food.

Cons of Chewy.com

  • Can’t see or touch the actual product like you can instore.
  • Have to pay for shipping if you only need a small amount of stuff (order under $50).

Final thoughts

Overall I’ve had a good experience with ordering through Chewy.com. It’s an easy way to get my dogs’ food without having to drive across town. I still buy my cat’s food at the grocery store but she eats so little I only have to buy that a few times a year. 

I do like that Chewy gives me one more place to buy the brands that are difficult to find where I live. 

If you’ve never tried Chewy.com before, now would be a great time to try it. Delivery times may be slower, but it allows you to reduce your time in the store. And having that big, heavy bag of dog food dropped off at your door is really nice. 

I definitely don’t miss having to carry that heavy bag of food through the store, then to my car, and then into my house every three weeks. Now it just shows up at my door in a big Chewy.com box.

1 thought on “A Review of Chewy.com”

  1. Chewy has saved my life! Even at the start of the pandemic, the delivery was so fast. Normal times for me for both cat food and litter is one day (at most 2 days) the longest time after pandemic has been 4 days. I confess to being a lonely old lady these days, 63, I am home bound and these days I haven’t had much face to face contact (almost none) so when I call Chewy to place an order,I don’t have Internet I borrowed a hot spot from the library, so I have usually called. I tend to talk a lot (mostly about my 26 year old cat Sammy (she’s the light of my life and so amazing) everyone at C Chewy is so nice they send Sammy a birthday card and whoever answers the phone is so kind and they ALL ask after her when I call. This most of all is important to me. The prices are really good and the fast delivery, but the caring thoughtful employees really make Chewy stand out. Thank you Chewy !

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