Meet Luna, Inspiration for This Blog

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Luna is a German Shepherd Dog and was born the day after Christmas 2017. We brought her home on March 3rd when she was 9 and a half weeks old. My three kids sure loved how cute she was when she came home.

Luna joined our family of 5 plus a cat, Allie, and a dog, Morgan. Morgan wasn’t too sure about this puppy that was as big as her at first, but has gotten a little better. Luna soon grew to be much bigger than Morgan. Morgan now prefers to spend most of her time away from Luna, but will sit next to her when I have treats (or ice cubes).

Life with a bigger dog has taken some getting used to. The kids had the most to learn when it came to playing outside. Luna loves to chase any type of ball and the kids learned the hard way that no ball is safe from Luna.

Luna is now a year old and weighs about 90 pounds. She is still super energetic and loves to play. She also loves to follow me around the house no matter where I go, unless she has food. Food comes first. She’s made our lives more interesting and I can’t imagine life without her.

Do you have any pets in your life? I’d love to hear about them.

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