Thanksgiving for Dogs: 25 Easy Recipes!

A dog next to some pumpkins and fall leaves

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If you can believe it, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. This year, give your dog some love with these 25 homemade Thanksgiving treat recipes. From turkey-flavored to pumpkin pie flavored, there’s something for every pup! Whether you’re cooking a full meal or just want to make sure Fido has a special treat this holiday season, check out the list below for over 25 recipes that are perfect for dogs on Thanksgiving.

A young dog surrounded by pumpkins with the words 25 Homemade Thanksgiving Dog Treats to Make This Year.

Thanksgiving Dog Biscuits

These homemade biscuits are not only easy to make, but they’ll also make your home smell like Thanksgiving.  The best part? They’re a great way to use up leftover Thanksgiving turkey!

Sweet Potato and Leftover Turkey Homemade Dog Treats

Use leftover turkey and a few holiday spices to create a delicious homemade treat that will have pooches licking their paws.  They’re also a great way to use up those Thanksgiving sweet potatoes!

Holiday Sweet Potato Casserole for Dogs

Create a healthy sweet potato casserole that is safe for your dog. This casserole is great fresh or frozen and can also be a great addition to your dog’s Kong.

Frozen Pumpkin Dog Treats

Ice cube shaped frozen pumpkin dog treats.

Frozen pumpkin dog treats are a simple, two-ingredient recipe that are great for fall. They’re also a good way to use up leftover pumpkin puree from your human Thanksgiving dinner!

Healthy Apple Pie DIY Dog Treats

These homemade apple pie treats are a great way to give your dog the apple pie flavor while giving them something that is healthy for them to eat. While most Thanksgiving pies are not dog-friendly, these apple pie treats are a safe alternative for your pets.

Pup-kin Spice Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats

Dogs love peanut butter and pumpkin – so why not combine the two into a dog-friendly treat? These treats don’t have actual pumpkin spice in them as it’s not the best for dogs, but it has other spices to go with the pumpkin spice theme.

Frozen Turkey Dinner Natural Dog Treats Recipe

Dogs love the taste of turkey dinner, but this time instead of giving your dog turkey with veggies, you can give them their own special frozen treat. These use turkey broth, sweet potatoes, and peas to give your dog the taste of a turkey dinner.

Sweet Potato Dog Treats 

Easy to make, these homemade sweet potato dog treats are a great way to moisturize your pup’s dry skin. They also smell delicious and will have you wishing you could eat them too!

Apple Cranberry Dog Treats

These apple cranberry dog treats are a great way to give your pup something new and delicious. These treats are a  healthier alternative to other Thanksgiving candies and human treats.

DIY Apple Pie for Dogs

Make your dog their very own apple pie with this healthier, no sugar added, take on apple pie. They will be begging for the crust after they smell this baking!

Cranberry Pumpkin Grain-Free Dog Treats 

These cranberry pumpkin grain-free dog treats are a great way to include a dog that can’t eat grains in the Thanksgiving celebration.  These treats are full of pumpkin and cranberry flavor!

DIY Thanksgiving Meatball Dog Treats

Enjoy your dog enjoying Thanksgiving this year by baking these homemade turkey meatballs with green beans and cranberries. They’re a great way to include them in the festivities and they’ll love the taste!

No-Bake Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats

No-bake peanut butter pumpkin dog treats

This simple recipe requires only 3 ingredients and is perfect for the dogs that are always begging at the table during family feasts. It’s also quick to make, so this treat will be ready in no time!

Turkey Pumpkin Dog Treats

Give your pooch a treat this Thanksgiving with these easy-to-make turkey pumpkin dog treats. They may not be able to eat the same food as you, but they’ll love the taste of these!

Apple Crunch Pupcakes

Your dog will be begging for more of these apple crunch pupcakes! They’re simple to make and they make an adorable treat for your dog. Let your dog enjoy one of these while you enjoy your Thanksgiving dessert.

Mini Pumpkin Pies for Dogs

Include your dog in Thanksgiving celebrations this year by making them their own mini pumpkin pie. These are simple to make and your dog will love the taste of them!

Oatmeal-Turkey Dog Treats

Use this recipe to create a simple, easy-to-make, healthy treat for your pets. They won’t be able to resist the smell of these oatmeal-turkey dog treats baking!

Cran-Pumpkin Peanut Butter Oatmeal Homemade Dog Treats  

Your dog will love the taste of these cran-pumpkin peanut butter oatmeal homemade dog treats! These are easy to make and are great for other occasions than just Thanksgiving.

Turkey Meatball Dog Treats

This is a great way to use up some of your leftover Thanksgiving turkey (as long as it isn’t heavily seasoned). Your dogs are sure to love the taste of these turkey meatballs and they’re easy to make too!

Pumpkin Apple Doggie Mint Treats 

Your dog will want to celebrate Thanksgiving every day with these pumpkin apple doggie mint treats! These are a great way to give your dog something new and they’re not too difficult to make.

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Bites For Your Pup

Give your dog the taste of pumpkin pie with these pumpkin pie bites! They’re simple to make and they can be made ahead of time too. Your dog will love the taste of these.

Soft Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats

Orange pumpkin and white pumpkin with pumpkin dog treats.

These soft peanut butter and pumpkin dog treats are great to have at Thanksgiving or any time of the year.  They’re a great way to include your pets in holiday festivities and they’ll love the taste!

Tasty Turkey Feast Hypoallergenic Homemade Dog Treat Recipe 

Give your dog a new and delicious doggie treat this Thanksgiving with this tasty turkey feast hypoallergenic homemade dog treat recipe. Your pup will be begging for more of these!

Homemade Cranberry & Pumpkin Dog Treats

These homemade cranberry & pumpkin dog treats are a great way to include your dog in Thanksgiving celebrations. They’re easy to make and they can be made ahead of time too!

Thanksgiving Mini Pup Pie Dog Treats

Give your dog their own Thanksgiving mini pup pie this year! These are simple to make and you can even decorate them to look like different types of pie. Your dogs will go nuts for these!


Thanksgiving is a time for gathering with family and friends, but we all know that our four-legged pals can’t be left out of the fun. Fortunately, there are plenty of DIY recipes to make sure your canine companions get in on the holiday festivities too! Check out these great ideas to see what you might like to try this year. It’s never been easier to celebrate together as one big happy family – even if some members have fur!

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