Homemade Frozen Fresh Breath Dog Treats

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I don’t know about your dogs, but my dogs have bad breath. It’s not the worst dog breath I’ve had the unfortunate chance to smell, but it’s still not good.

I decided to try improving Luna and Morgan’s breath by making them some fresh breath frozen dog treats. These are easy to make with only three ingredients.

Two of the ingredients, mint and parsley, are supposed to aid in freshening breath. The third ingredient is just there to hold everything together (and get dogs to eat it).

I’ve tried giving Luna a plain mint leaf a few times. She will chew it a little and then spits it out. Same with Morgan.

While both mint and parsley are safe for dogs to consume, you should limit how much they get in a day. I recommend giving only one of these treats a day per dog. And adjust the size based on your dog.

To make these you first need to collect your ingredients

You need about ¼ cup of fresh mint leaves. I don’t normally use fresh herbs, so I don’t know the “proper” way to measure them. I just cut a bunch of mint off my plant and washed it.

Then I pulled the leaves off the stem and put them into a ¼ cup measuring cup. I pressed them down some to help keep them in the measuring cup until it looked full enough. See the picture above.

You will also need ¼ cup of fresh parsley. I just trimmed the leaves off the stem and put them into the measuring cup the same way I did the mint leaves. See the picture below.

Lastly, you will need some plain Greek yogurt. The brand doesn’t matter, just make sure it doesn’t have any additional flavoring or additives.

How to make homemade frozen fresh breath dog treats

Chop the mint and parsley then mix it with the yogurt. You can try using a food processor to chop the mint and parsley but I did not have good luck with them getting chopped enough.

Once it is blended together, just pour into an ice cube tray. I used a regular ice cube tray, but you could use these for cuter treats.

Ice cube tray filled with the yogurt mixture.

This is also where you would adjust the size of the treats based on how big your dog is. I tried to fill each spot fairly full for Luna and about half full or so for Morgan.

Place into the freezer until solid. I left mine overnight.

Fresh breath dog treats after freezing.

Once solid, remove from the trays and let your dog enjoy it.

Any extras can be stored in an airtight container. Or use a plastic freezer bag.

German Shepherd eating the fresh breath dog treat.

As you can tell, both Morgan and Luna enjoyed their homemade frozen fresh breath dog treats.

Poodle terrier licking the frozen treat.

Give them a try and let me know how your dogs enjoyed them.

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