Pet Crafts

Easy DIY Pet Bed

Does your dog need a new bed? Are you looking for an option that doesn’t involve spending a lot of money? This DIY may be your answer. You can make your own pet bed, fairly inexpensively, and quickly. I made this pet bed in less than an hour for about $5. The price may be …

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No Sew Pet Beds

Does your dog or cat need a new bed? Do you want a less expensive option? Or the ability to choose the look of it? Instead of buying an expensive pet bed at the store, why not make your own? I have three pet beds in my house currently, two store bought and one I …

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DIY T-shirt Dog Toy

Luna loves to play. She especially loves rope toys. She enjoys playing tug with them, but her favorite thing to do is to chew on them. Unfortunately, with a traditional rope toy, she ends up pulling out the individual strands of rope and then swallows them. Thankfully nothing bad has happened so far, but it …

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