Dog Treats

Non-Dairy Dog Ice Cream

Dairy free ice cream for dogs

If you’re like me, you love ice cream. And while you sit there enjoying it, your dogs are sitting there looking at you hoping you will share.  But should you share your ice cream with them? And what can you give them instead? Is Ice Cream Bad for Dogs? Unfortunately for our furry friends, the …

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Ice Cream for Dogs

Ice cube shaped dog ice cream.

There is nothing that can ruin a bowl of ice cream more than the guilt of having your dog stare at you with their big puppy dog eyes asking you to share.  I get stared at every time I have ice cream. It’s like my dogs are asking where their ice cream is.  Can Dogs …

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Baby Food Dog Treats

Baby food dog treats in various shapes.

I love making treats for my dogs. It means I know exactly what’s in the treats.  And I can experiment with different flavors that may not be available in commercially sold treats.  The only problem is many of the ingredients I can find in store make such a large quantity of treats that my dogs …

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Candy Cane Dog Treats

Candy cane dog treats on Christmas background.

Christmas is getting closer and that means it’s time to start thinking about what to bake. Everyone has their go-to treat to make for their family, but what about the furry members of the family? We like to include our dogs in the Christmas festivities and what better way than making their very own Christmas …

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18 Pumpkin Dog Treats

Fall is the time everyone thinks of pumpkins. Pumpkin pie. Pumpkin spice. Pumpkin everything… So why not make some pumpkin treats for your dog? Pumpkin is a healthy treat for your dog and making some treats for your dog is a great way to enjoy the season. For a list of the benefits of pumpkin …

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